Individual Accounting Services

Our firm provides tax and accounting services for individuals with a variety of needs.


Our firm provides tax and accounting services for individuals with a variety of needs.


Personal Tax Returns (T1)

We have extensive experience preparing personal tax returns of all levels of complexity. As Steve and Jennifer are designated Chartered Accountants, they not only processes tax returns but can maximize tax savings, and ensures returns are done correctly while looking out for the best financial and personal interest of the individual. Specific personal tax areas we can assist with include, but are not limited to: rental properties, small businesses, RRSPs, tax free savings accounts, RESP’s, persons with disabilities, first time home buyers grant, child care expenses, medical expenses, investment income, long-haul truck drivers, and anything else required to correctly file your tax return.


Individuals with a Business


Our firm provides bookkeeping services for unincorporated businesses. We are able to take this time-consuming burden out of your hands and ensure it is done in a timely, accurate, and cost efficient manner.

HST Returns

We can perform all aspects of HST returns including the accounting, completion, and filing. We will ensure that the HST returns are done accurately and timely, so that you receive your refund as quickly as possible, and that no deadlines are missed (avoiding costly penalties and interest).

Incorporation Process

If your business has grown to the point where it will be more effectively run as a corporation, we can help to identify this stage in the evolution of your business, and assist in all aspects of the incorporation process.

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