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May 27, 2015 0 comments

Important Dates for 2015

I am a little late in posting the key dates this year, but better late than never, the following are several key dates in 2015 for both individuals and corporations.   These dates are important, because if these deadlines are missed you may be subject to costly fines and penalties.


Important Dates:


January 15 – Remittance date for fourth quarter source deductions (this is for qualifying small businesses)

January 30 – Interest payment deadline for employee loans for the previous year

January 30 – Deadline to pay interest on non-arm’s length income splitting loans

February 28 – Deadline to file 2014 T4’s and T5’s

February 28 – Deadline for filing Tax Free Savings Account election and information return.

February 28 – RRSP contribution deadline

March 15 – First quarterly installment date for 2015

March 30 – Deadline for General Trust Returns

March 31 – Deadline for partnership information returns

March 31 – Deadline to pay any 2014 penalty tax owing on excess RRSP contributions

April 15 – Deadline to File US Tax Returns

April 15 – Remittance date for first quarter source deductions (this is for qualifying small businesses)

April 30 – Deadline for personal tax returns and for taxes owing

June 15 – Deadline for Self-Employed personal tax returns

June 15 – Second quarterly installment date for 2015

July 15 – Remittance date for second quarter source deductions (this is for qualifying small businesses)

September 15 – Third quarterly installment date for 2015

October 15 – Remittance date for third quarter source deductions (this is for qualifying small businesses)

December 15 – Fourth quarterly installment date for 2015


If you have any questions related to these dates or if you need assistance with any tax or accounting needs please contact us at steve@wattsca.ca , 604 510-0156, or visit our website at https://wattsca.ca



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